Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms


ABI                                         Association of Business and Industry

ADA                                      Americans with Disabilities Act

AFSCME                               American Federal, State, County, and Municipal Employees

AG                                          Attorney General

AGO                                       Attorney General's Opinion

AHERA                                 Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act

APA                                       American Planning Association

APWA                                   American Public Works Association


BC-BS                                    Blue Cross-Blue Shield

BOA                                       Board of Adjustment

BOD                                       Biochemical Oxygen Demand


CATV                                     Cable Television

CAFR                                     Certified Annual Financial Report

CBD                                        Central Business District

CD                                          Certificate of Deposit

CDBG                                     Community Development Block Grant

CEBA                                     Community Economic Betterment Account

CEPP                                      Community Economic Preparedness Program

CFC                                        City Finance Committee

CIP                                          Capital Improvements Program

CMC                                       Certified Municipal Clerk

COBRA                                  Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

COG                                        Council of Governments

CPA                                        Certified Public Accountant

CPI                                          Consumer Price Index


DATA                                    Drug and Alcohol Testing Alliance

DNR                                       Department of Natural Resources

DOL                                        Department of Labor

DOM                                      Department of Management


EDA                                       Economic Development Administration

EEO                                        Equal Employment Opportunity

EIS                                          Environmental Impact Statement

EMS                                       Emergency Medical Services

EPA                                        Environmental Protection Agency

ERISA                                    Employee Retirement Income Security Act


FAA                                       Federal Aviation Administration

FCC                                        Federal Communications Commission

FDIC                                       Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FEMA                                    Federal Emergency Management Agency

FHA                                       Federal Housing Agency

FICA                                      Federal Insurance Contribution Act (Social Security)

FLSA                                      Fair Labor Standards Act

FMLA                                    Family and Medical Leave Act

FNMA                                   Federal National Mortgage Association

FOAB                                     Federal Old Age Benefits

FONSI                                    Findings Of No Significant Impact

FOSI                                       Findings Of Significant Impact

FSLIC                                     Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation


GAAP                                    Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GASB                                     Governmental Accounting Standards Board

GIS                                          Geographical Information System

GNMA                                   Government National Mortgage Association

GO Bond                                General Obligation Bond


HHS                                        U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HUD                                       U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


IaCMA                                   Iowa City/County Management Association

IaPERLA                                Iowa Public Employers Labor Relations Association

IAMU                                    Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities

IASB                                      Iowa Association of School Boards

ICAAP                                   Iowa Clean Air Attainment Program

ICAP                                      Iowa Communities Assurance Pool

ICMA                                     International City/County Management Association

IDED                                      Iowa Department of Economic Development

IDNR                                      Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Iowa DOT                              Iowa Department of Transportation

IECDB                                    Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board

ICE                                          U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ILC                                          Iowa League of Cities

ILEA                                       Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

IMFOA                                  Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association

IMWCA                                                Iowa Municipalities Workers Compensation Association

IPA                                         Institute of Public Affairs (University of Iowa)

IPAIT                                     Iowa Public Agency Investment Trust

IPERS                                     Iowa Public Employees Retirement System

IPRA                                      Iowa Park and Recreation Association

IRA                                         Individual Retirement Account

IRS                                          Internal Revenue Service

ISAC                                      Iowa State Association of Counties

ISOSWA                               Iowa Society of Solid Waste Administrators

ISU                                         Iowa State University

IUB                                         Iowa Utility Board


JTPA                                      Job Training Partnership Act


LMI                                        Low and Moderate Income

LUST                                      Leaking Underground Storage Tank


M & E                                    Machinery and Equipment Tax

MCL                                       Maximum Contaminant Level

MFPRSI                                 Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa

MSDS                                    Material Safety Data Sheets

MSWLFC                              Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Criteria


NAHRO                                 National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials

NEPA                                     National Environmental Policy Act

NESHAP                                National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

NFIP                                       National Flood Insurance Program

NLC                                        National League of Cities

NPDES                                   National Pollution Discharge Elimination System


OSHA                                    Occupation Safety and Health Administration


P & Z                                      Planning and Zoning

PDI                                         Professional Developers of Iowa

PER Board                             Public Employment Relations Board

PO                                           Purchase Order

PWS                                       Public Water Supply


RACI                                      Revitalization Assistance for Community Improvement

RC&D                                    Resource, Conservation and Development

RCRA                                     Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RDA                                       Rural Development Administration

REAP                                     Resource Enhancement and Protection Act

REC                                        Rural Electric Cooperative

RFP                                         Request For Proposal

RFQ                                        Request For Qualifications

RIG                                         Rural Innovation Grant

RISE                                       Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy

ROW                                      Right-of-Way

RPC                                        Regional Planning Commission

RUTF                                     Road Use Tax Fund

RWA                                      Rural Water Association


SARA                                    Superfund Amendments and Re-authorization Act

SBA                                        Small Business Administration

SDWA                                   Safe Drinking Water Act

Section 8                                Federally Subsidized Housing Program

SOP                                        Standard Operating Procedure

SRF                                         State Revolving Fund

SSA                                        Social Security Administration

SSMID                                   Self-Supporting Municipal Improvement District


T & A                                     Trust and Agency

T-Bills                                    Treasury Bills

TEFRA                                   Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility Act

TIF                                          Tax Increment Financing


U of I                                      University of Iowa

UDAG                                    Urban Development Action Grant

UNI                                         University of Northern Iowa

UST                                        Underground Storage Tank


W-2                                        Earnings Statement

W-4                                        Withholding Statement

W-3 S & L                             State and Local Transmitted Form

WHP                                      Well Head Protection

WWTP                                  Waste Water Treatment Plant


ZBA                                       Zoning Board of  Adjustment



28E                                          Chapter 28E - Joint Exercise of Governmental Powers

400                                          Chapter 400 - Civil Service

410                                          Chapter 410 Police - Disabled and Retired Fire Fighters and Police Officers

411                                          Chapter 411 - Retirement Systems for Police Officers and Fire Fighters

911                                          Emergency Telephone Service

1099                                        Statement of Earnings

401K                                       Tax-Deferred Plan

403B                                       401K for Tax-Exempt Education and Research Organizations

Response 2020            Fire/EMS Organization Assessment