Checklist – Policies and Procedures

This appendix can be used as a checklist to review with your city staff, city attorney, and policy leaders.  Some of these topics may not pertain to your city due to your size, form of government, or services rendered but some of these items are required by state or federal laws.

A.  General Ordinances/Resolutions

•   City code of ordinances

•   Book of resolutions

•   City council minute book

B.  General Policies

•   City street snow removal policy

•   Equipment purchasing policy

•   Risk management plan/policy

•   Policy regarding the sale of city property

•   By-laws for each board and commission

•   Enforcement of municipal infractions ordinance

•   Enforcement of nuisance abatement ordinance

•   Comprehensive plan or community builder plan

•   Economic development plan of action

•   Telecommunications policy

C.  Meetings

•   Policy regarding preparation of meeting agendas

•   Post tentative agenda of meetings 24 hours in advance

•   Publish council minutes within 15 days of meetings

·      Publish ordinances per state law

•   Obtain city attorney opinion prior to conducting  closed meetings (executive sessions)

D.  Financial Matters

•   City investment policy

•   Purchasing policy

•   Capital Improvements Program• Summary of city fees and charges adopted by resolution

•   Annual city budget

•   Annual financial statement

•   Council resolution of depositories of city funds

•   Road use tax financial reports


E.  Personnel Administration

•   Compliance with applicable state and federal laws (see Chapter 8)

•   Health insurance plan administration

•   Personnel manual or employee handbook

•   Current job descriptions for every employee

•   City organization chart

•   Code of ethics policy

•   Collective bargaining agreement on file

•   Employee performance/evaluation format

F.  Safety and Protection Programs and Manuals

•   General safety manual

•   Hazardous materials plan

•   Blood-born pathogens plan

•   Respiratory program

•   Confined space program

•   Lock-out/Tag-out program

•   Completion of OSHA Form 101 on injuries and illness

•   Completion of OSHA Form 200 - annual log of injuries and accidents

•   “Right to Know” plan - material safety data sheets

•   Police department - standard operating procedures (SOP)

•   Emergency/disaster preparedness plan

•   County-wide emergency operations plan

G.  Inspection/Investigation Programs

•   Investigation of all accidents and claims against the city

•   Inspection of public sidewalks

•   Inspection of city streets

•   Inspection of city parks and playgrounds

•   Inspection of swimming pools or aquatic centers

•   Inspection of city vehicles and equipment

•   Inspection for compliance to ADA

•   Inspection for compliance with city zoning and construction codes

H.  Permits

•   National pollution discharge elimination system (NPDES) permit - wastewater facility

•   Underground storage tank (UST) licenses

•   Public drinking water supply permit

•   Storm water discharge permit

I.  General Listings and Summaries

•   List of city insurance policies - coverage, limits, costs, company, expiration date

•   List of city employees - name, position, date of birth, date of employment, and salary

•   List of council committees and appointments

•   List of city boards and commissions - titles, members, code reference, meeting dates, term dates, etc.

•   List of all city buildings and facilities showing use, size, value, and year built

•   List of all city vehicles and capital equipment showing make, model, ID number, size, value, and year

•   Community quick reference (CQR)

•   Fire/EMS mutual aid agreements and service contracts

•   28E Agreements involving your city


This list is not necessarily a complete summary of all those items that pertain to your city.  You need to review this list and compare it to your city’s situation.  You should consult your city attorney on your city’s need for the items in this appendix.